Here's what our Nova users are saying...

After decarbing in an older oven, constantly monitoring and checking temps and such, the Nova is a welcome, hassle-free, and consistently reliable unit. The bud comes out perfect for further use. Eat it, smoke it, vape it, or whatever suits your fancy. Nova + Magic Butter = Best final product

I use my Nova for decarbing before making tincture, baked goods, butter, oils - basically edibles which do not require propane/butane or such processing. As an Oregon medical marijuana patient, the Nova has been a valuable asset. Pot costs too much (even @ medicinal rates) to waste. Nova’s upfront costs are quickly recovered as no product is damaged or wasted.
— LF
Nobody should have to run science experiments to get quality effects from marijuana for whatever the application.... I am so excited to not have those doubts anymore and to eliminate the daunting research and trial and error “practice” that goes into a simple batch of cannabis infused butter or oil for first time canna-cooks :)
The Nova has changed my life. I could not find an easy way to consume. Making butter sounded so smelly, I could not risk preparing it with my 11-year-old son living in the house. I’ve been mixing decarb [bud] into apple sauce and consuming two to three times a day... keeps my pain at a low, manageable level and my head is not too far off the ground

I’ve been able to get off 500mg of opiates a day using medical cannabis, and now with the Nova it makes everything so much easier. My wife is a medical patient and she doesn’t like to smoke, at all, now we can decarb her medicine and put it in a pill, a tincture, edibles, pretty much anything we want to do with it...