Don't Decarb wrong

The first thing patients encounter when they begin to search for information on how to decarboxylate to create medicine from their cannabis is a barrage of information. Most of it is time consuming and confusing, even more is inaccurate, and all of it is complicated. The truth is that decarbing is scientific process, balancing the need for a controlled atmosphere simultaneously hot enough to ensure rapid decarboxylation and cool enough to maintain as many of the plant’s terpenes as possible. Precision in time, temperature, and atmosphere is critical to the process.The solutions that currently exist for patients wishing to decarb all fall woefully short. In addition to being complicated and labor intensive, they by nature can never be accurate. The result is fluctuations in strength and potency of medicine, or worse, a bad reaction that can unnecessarily turn a patient from cannabis all together. Before discussing how patients can decarb right, it is important to understand why and how the other methods fail.   

Avoid the Oven

Preparing cannabis for medicinal purposes is a scientific process that should never be entrusted to an oven. The process performed this way can never be precise. Oven thermostats fluctuate an average of 10 degrees in both directions, which is detrimental to the decarb process. In addition, the function of opening and closing the oven further alters the temperature, leaving patients who use this method constantly guessing.Don’t believe us? Just watch. The following clip is a good attempt at using the oven. And by good we mean that at least it’s honest. you can quickly see the pitfalls in this process. In addition to being a pain in the neck and inconvenient (can’t leave the kitchen, have to constantly monitor, makes the whole house smell) it demonstrates how it is Impossible to Get A Reliable result this with this method.  You quickly hear the chef admit that an oven varies 10 degrees in either direction (never accurate), and that you can expect decarboxylation to leave your bud toasted (no, no, and NO!)


So we can agree that using a huge inaccurate oven that requires you to constantly check, makes the entire house stink and leaves you with crunchy brown bud is terrible and labor intensive exercise, but what is it doing to the bud scientifically?Take a look at the test results below, comparing a raw sample with the same plant decarboxylated using a toaster oven and conventional oven.


The imprecision of the oven method can also leads to under-decarbing, resulting in waste, as much of the THC is still in its acid form and is not bioavailable to the body.Remember that its always critical to see before and after testing when it comes to decarboxylation. A test result could appear to show a fully decarbed product, but if you compare that same sample pre-decarb, it will reveal that many of the cannabinoids have been burned off during the decarb attempt.The pitfalls and uncertainty with these methods lead Ardent to develop the NOVA™, a precision temperature, lab-grade decarboxylator that allows patients to decarb purely, anywhere, anytime. Find out more about NOVA™ here.


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