Decarb Myths Debunked

Decarboxylation is such an important yet misunderstood aspect of cannabis consumption. Decades of prohibition have allowed incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain wrong information to proliferate, not only to the detriment of patients, but to the cannabis movement as a whole.

To shed light on this topic and combat farce with data, we've compiled this guide, just the tip of our research, to address the most common decarboxylation myths. 

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Why You Can't Trust The Oven: New Evidence Shows You're Destroying Your Medicine

The solutions that currently exist for patients wishing to decarb all fall short of full THC activation. Not only are they complicated and labor intensive, they make accuracy all but impossible. The result is fluctuations in strength and potency of medicine that can have detrimental effects on patients.  Before discussing how patients can decarb right, it is important to understand why and how the other methods fail.

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