Finally a way to accurately dose cannabis

Welcome to Ardent Cannabis!

We're comprised of a group of professionals, led by Shanel Lindsay, lawyer, entrepreneur, and advocate whose passion for those who suffer is matched by the team she has assembled and her knowledge of cannabis.

After two years of development and rigorous testing, Shanel is ready! Ardent Cannabis is proud to launch the Nova. This patented decarboxylator will activate your cannabis’ THC to 100% and the CBD to 80%.

Finally, a way to accurate dose cannabis…

In addition, Ardent’s nutraceutical scientist has been hard at work and has created a number of cannabis rich, nutrient infused strips to allow for sub-lingual application. This “new frontier” in cannabis dosing, and ingestion will revolutionize the industry for patients. The Nova uses precision heat and timing so that after 60 minutes your cannabis will be activated and free from any surface debris.

Again, we welcome you to Ardent Cannabis!