Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. Select international shipping at checkout.

Does decarbing cannabis make it more potent when you go to smoke it?

Yes, it increases cannabinoid availability for smoking or vaping.

What is the right way to decarb?

You found it.

What is the Nova and how does it work?

The NOVA™ allows any patient to prepare fully activate decarboxylated sublingual cannabis in precise dosages, providing full spectrum uptake in minutes and avoiding any irritation to the lungs or GI tract. NOVA™ also increases cannabinoid availability for those preferring to smoke or vaporize, and activates available cannabinoids for edibles, extracts or tinctures.

So it's a small oven that gets hot enough to decarb your flowers so you can eat them straight?

Yes, but unlike an oven it uses a perfect heating arc to decarb right every time. Flower is instantly edible and patients can make sublingual packs and topicals too.

So it's a small oven that gets hot enough to decarb your flowers so you can eat them straight?

Yes, but with laboratory grade precision in a controlled atmosphere that preserves terps and retains plant moisture.

How much can it decarb at a time?

1/4 to 1 ounce of flower (depending on the density of the bud) or 3-5oz of kief.

Do you need to break up the bud to expose more surface area to allow the inside of the nug to be decarbed as well?

The NOVA™ design maintains a decarb zone with precise, even heat distribution that surrounds and penetrates the buds, so in the plant material there's no need to disturb the buds prior to decarbing. If it's a particularly dense nug, you could break it down into a few smaller pieces but no need to crush and disturb trichomes by grinding.

How big is it?

7.5" x 4"

Can you decarb concentrate?

Yes, you'll want to put it in a silicone canister first.

How long does it take?

A complete cycle with cool down is approx 1 hour 15 min.

How does it affect terpenes?

The NOVA™ uses the lowest possible temp for decarb while still maintaining the max amount of terps. The container is airtight preventing escape.

How long does it take to ship?

Allow 2-3weeks for delivery.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. You can learn more here.

How do I make wholesale orders?

Get in touch here.