Nova Decarboxylator

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Nova Decarboxylator


A laboratory grade decarb for patients and caregivers who need accurate dosing.

The NOVA™ maximizes cannabinoid availability for those preferring to smoke or vaporize, and activates available cannabinoids for edibles, extracts or tinctures. The NOVA™ also allows any patient to prepare fully activate decarboxylated sublingual cannabis in precise dosages, providing full spectrum uptake in minutes and avoiding any irritation to the lungs or GI tract. 

  • Full activation
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Holds up to 14g to an ounce of flower (depending on the density) or 5 ounces of kief 
  • Get more out of every bud
  • Preserve the maximum amount of terps
  • Perfect edibles, anytime 

Must be a medical cannabis patient in a legal MMJ state or an adult over the age of 21 in an adult use state.

This unit is 110v and 90watts. Use on European 220v requires use of a step down converter.

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